Recommend A Chorister

How to recommending Choristers to the Alberta Children's Choir Program:

  1. Teachers/conductors select as many as 8 choristers to recommend to the Alberta Children's Choir.
  2. Teachers/conductors give those 8 choristers the Information for Parents and the Chorister Questionnaire.
  3. Choristers return the completed Chorister & Parent Questionnaires to their teacher/conductor.
  4. Teachers/conductors complete the Recommendation Rubric for each of the recommended choristers.
  5. Teachers forward the Recommendation Rubrics along with the Chorister & Parent Questionnaires to the ACF office
  6. An independent jury reviews the Recommendation Rubrics and Chorister & Parent Questionnaires.
  7. The roster for the choir is established and teachers, parents, and choristers are notified.
  8. Parents register their children online; folders are sent directly to the chorister's home and choristers are provided with a passcode to a password-protected webpage containing mp3 recordings of ACC music.

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